Designing A Company T-Shirt: 5 Things You Need to Do

Custom company t-shirts are a great marketing tool but they can also be an effective way to foster a team spirit among your employees.

The tradition of company t-shirts can be traced back to the 1950s when local resorts in Miami started using their logos on t-shirts. Since then, they have continued to prove to be a practical investment for companies both big and small, and offer a wide range of benefits. But it needs to have the right design.

Contrary to what some people might think, designing a company t-shirt takes a little more than just slapping the company logo on a polo. There’s a lot you need to do and consider. So, in this blog, we have listed a few tips that will help you create company t-shirts that are smart and impressive. Read on to know what they are.

  • Consider the type of garment you want

    Before you begin designing your company t-shirt, or shirt for that matter, you need to consider the type of garment that matches your needs. ideally, you should pick something that is not just comfortable and professional but also looks good on everyone. You can choose from t-shirts, polos, hooded sweatshirts, moisture-wicking t-shirts, and more.

  • Set a budget

    As it is with most corporate projects, creating your company t-shirts also requires you to set a budget. A bigger budget means you can either get a higher quantity or get better quality t-shirts. If you want a detailed design on the t-shirts with images and texts, it will cost you more. To get the best quality products, you should be willing to spend more.

  • Pick your colors

    Your company colors should ideally be included in your company t-shirt design. But it is also important to consider the color of the t-shirt. We offer our embroidered company polos in a wide range of colors, but darker and muted colors are usually more popular because they look flattering on everyone.

  • Create your design

    Designing a business t-shirt can be a tricky process because you need to create a design that doesn’t just represent your company but also communicates a message. Sure, you can simply stick to the logo, but if you want the t-shirts to be more appealing, the design needs to be more detailed. You can use a combination of different graphics, including text and images, to give the t-shirts an eye-catching look. Make sure, however, that the design isn’t too crowded and is still readable.

  • Choose your printing technique

    Today, there are various t-shirt printing techniques, each with its own set of advantages. At Johnny Mascots, we use dye sublimation, which is the process of transferring a printed image to a substrate. This results in a premium look and more superior finish in comparison to many other printing techniques.

Get in touch with us at Johnny Mascots if you need premium-quality t-shirts, sweatpants, polos, and more for your organization. We also offer visors, bags, and hats, among other products. With our established relationship with numerous vendors, we can make sure that all your product needs are met, regardless of your budget. Whether you are looking for custom reversible practice jerseys for your company’s sports team or screen-printed sports shirts, we have them all and more.

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