What is Dye Sublimation?

Sublimation is the process of transferring a printed image to a substrate (fabric). A substrate can be a specific fabric but not limited to poly-dri jersey’s or jersey material.

What does sublimation mean?

Sublimation literally means the process of changing a solid to a gas while bypassing the liquid phase. Inks vaporize at the right temperature with the right substrate and the quick release allows the ink to be transferred with fine detail and brilliant color. Usually sublimation is very unlikely to fade or wash out. When you feel true sublimation on a substrate, you can not feel the logo. The ink is dyed directly into the garment. If you feel the logo on the garment you do not have sublimation.

What is semi sublimation?

Semi – Sublimation is taking a white (or lightly colored) based poly-dri pre made shirt, and applying the sublimation process to the garment via a paper print. The printing field is usually limited and this is entry level dye sublimation. Examples of semi sublimation are sublimating inserts used in shorts, reversibles and jerseys.

What is full sublimation?

Full Sublimation is taking poly-dri material in large rolls (over 100 yards) and first printing transfer paper through a large format printer on to special dye sub paper. In the second step then transferring the image from the paper to the fabric through a large roll to roll or large format heat press. Typically the transfer takes place around 400 degrees for about a minute. Full sublimation allows all over printing and full customization. Examples of full sublimation can be found on custom shorts, reversibles, shooting shirts, and game jerseys pages.

What color choices do I have?

When using dye sublimation, there are unlimited color choices available but to keep everything uniform, we have pre-selected the most popular colors which can be found on the sublimation colors page. On occasion some manufactures may not make colors that match other manufactures but are close. If you don’t see a color, chances are, we have it and can make it. With sublimation, you can use unlimited colors and there is no additional cost to manufacture, other than art time. Imagine the possibilities.